Water Secrets; 5 New Things You Didn’t Know About Drinking Water


If you are asked to name three natural things that are often taken for granted one of them will be water. This natural gift is so abundant on our planet that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with this precious liquid. It exists so freely that it can be found in the air as vapour and even in the soil as moisture. 


With something so common, there are good chances that most people don’t know how much treasures and benefits it holds. Here are 5 reasons why you should put down that can of soda and stick to drinking water. 

What Water Can Do For You


  • Water Can Improve Your Mood. Downing a cold bottle of Fanta on a sunny day can have this refreshing and invigorating feeling but have you also tried drinking just water? You will find out that you feel the same way. Even more, it helps to rehydrate the body and fight the fatigue that came with standing under the blazing sun. It is also known to renew electrolytes so it is a perfect source of added strength and energy.


  • Water Helps Your Organs Function Best. Think of water as the engine oil of your body. It is designed to make your body function at an optimum level. From clearing your digestive path to lowering blood pressure, this liquid does so much to keep you healthy and in pristine condition. Do you know that it also has a reputation for helping the kidney cleanse toxins. It takes out all the sugary drinks from your diet and flushes them out of your body as urine.


  • It regulates Body Temperature. Water is important to keep a cool body temperature. When you sweat, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Sweating is your body’s mechanism to keep you cool. However, when you become dehydrated and there is no water left in your body, your body temperature will rise as there is little or nothing to form sweat. If you sweat regularly, make it a habit to constantly stay hydrated.


  • Up Your Weight Loss Plan With Water. What is an excellent addition to any weight loss diet? With zero calories, it is the perfect substitute for calorie-filled carbonated or sweetened drinks. Drinking water before meals also prevents overeating by filling up your stomach and letting for just the right portion. 


  • Drink Water, Your Skin Will Thank You. It does more for your body than you know. Your skin contains plenty of water and acts as a barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Dehydration makes your skin looks dried or wrinkled. So to retain that moisturized look you crave, frequently. Your skin will thank you.

drinking water


Experts strongly recommend a daily intake of water. While there is no universal amount that should be taken daily, the goal is to constantly remain hydrated. You can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle by constantly staying hydrated. People who try it are amazed by how much their life and health have improved. You can start by drinking a glass immediately you wake up, before and after meals and before you go to bed. A water diet is the fastest way to improve the quality of your life.


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