COVID-19 Vaccine: All You Need To Know About The Shot

COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been one of the greatest global health problems of the last 50 years. At its peak in mid-2020, the pandemic brought the world to a halt with forced lockdown in many countries of the world as we desperately searched for the COVID-19 vaccine.

After more than 12 months of intense research and study, a vaccine has been created to fight against the deadly virus that ravaged the world. However, with several failed attempts to create a one-time vaccine for the virus, there are growing concerns about its effectiveness and safety. 

Are you considering getting your dose of the COVID-19 vaccine? Here are all you need to know.

Effectiveness Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

Just how effective are the vaccines that have been rolled out? All of these vaccines individually pass the 95% effectiveness threshold are can rightly be considered effective in protecting against the virus. Even if a person still gets COVID 19, the vaccine will prevent them from getting seriously ill.

The vaccine helps the body build immunity against the virus. It however takes two weeks to do this, hence, it is possible for someone to still get the virus immediately after vaccination. That is why it is recommended that a person keeps using all available options to stay protected such as observing social distancing, regular hand washing and using a face mask. 

It is however not clear yet if a person can still spread the virus even after vaccination. That is why it is important for vaccinated people to still uphold COVID-19 precautions. 

How Safe is The COVID-19 Vaccine?

How safe are these shots? Health organizations around the world took time to painstakingly verify not only the effectiveness but also the safety of these vaccines to ensure they don’t go ahead to cause worse health complications. It has thus been established that these vaccines CANNOT give you COVID-19. 

There has also been air-tight measure put in place to fish out and destroy counterfeit vaccines. In Nigeria for example, the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport has been designated as the only entry point for the vaccine in a bid to clamp down on counterfeit and illegal vaccines trying to make way into the market. 

Yes, there are side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, but they have been confirmed to mild and short. These are just normal signs that your body is building the immunity needed to fight the virus. Common side effects are redness and pain in the injected area as well as headache, muscle pain, fever and nausea throughout the rest of your body. 

You can reduce the discomfort by drinking plenty of fluids and tendering the shot spot by applying a clean, cool washcloth over the area. You should however consult your doctor if these symptoms get worse after 24 hours.


There are currently round-the-clock efforts to make the vaccine available for everyone at no cost. On March 2, 2021, Nigeria received 3.92 million doses of the vaccine which marks the first wave of vaccines to come into the country. Many more will follow in the coming weeks and months until everyone has access to the shot.

COVID-19 vaccine

Importance of COVID-19 vaccination.

This vaccination will go a long way to protect you and even those around you. Those who will benefit from population immunity includes newborns and those who are allergic to the vaccine and cannot be vaccinated. While we are still learning how many people need to get a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine before we can achieve population immunity, everyone must try to get a jab for personal protection.


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