Answering Questions About Your Sex Toy

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The thought of how the sex toy industry has blown out of proportion in so little time is mindblowing. Experts estimate that in 5 years, the market value can be upwards of $50million. However, it is surprising that a lot of questions about sex toys are really met with satisfying answers. 

We have taken time to listen to experts and find answers to 5 important questions you might be pressed to ask about sex toys. 

What Should I Look Out For When Purchasing A Sex Toy?

It is important to use an item for the purpose for which it was made. In that case, a well-made sex toy should be smooth and unbreakable. It should also be easy to clean. Toys with hard-to-reach areas and holes should be avoided. Be certain to use your toy only for its intended purpose. Vibrators without a firm base should not be used as insertion devices.

Should I Be Concerned About The Make-up Of Sex Toys?

Yes, you should. In a largely unregulated market, manufacturers cut corners when it comes to materials and the production of sex toys. This often leads to the inclusion of hazardous materials. 

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One example is phthalates which are used as a rubber or plastic softener. However, agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency has warned against the toxicity of this material however, some sex toys have been reported to contain it in large amounts for the extra squishy feeling. 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) also has a dangerous effect when included in the production of these toys as it can offer a hiding place to bacteria due to its porous nature. Toys with higher materials such as silicone or elastomers is a safer option.

Can I Choose To Share A Sex Toy?

Yes, but on the condition that they have been cleaned thoroughly. If two healthy people are already sharing fluids through intercourse there can be any greater risk from sharing sex toys between themselves. However, the chances of contracting STDs remains.

While some materials are easier to clean, pathogens have a special likeness for materials like PVC that provides great hiding spots. While regular and adequate cleaning can lower the risk, nothing beats getting and using separate sex toys.

How Do I Adequately Clean Sex Toys?

To start with, most toys come with cleaning instructions. It is in your best interest to pay careful attention to it as they were recommended based on the material used in the production. For the majority, safe cleaning involves using mild soap and warm water. Toys with electrical components should never be submerged in water.

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If you choose to use a cleaning agent, make sure to wipe. This is to prevent the dry and irritating feeling that can be caused by leftover residue. Your choice of cleaning agent should be based on the material of your toy. Silicone, for example, can withstand harsher chemicals better than toys made from softer materials. 

Can I Use Something Else In Place Of A Sex Toy?

Due to the frequent complications that follow using normal everyday items as sex toys, we don’t recommend the practice. In the heat of the moment, most of these items become stuck or break in the vagina or rectum which is a straight ticket to the hospital’s emergency room.

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